What people say about you matters. So when the media talks about you, your business or your products, it adds a credibility and authenticity that’s difficult to achieve by yourself.

You can’t buy media coverage – it has to be earned. Getting your stories covered in the media often comes about as a result of the relationships built up with journalists and editors. It’s about talking their language and making a case for coverage. That’s where we come in.

Here at Sandy McLean PR, we have spent decades building relationships with the people who can get your story heard. And, as the media landscape continues to evolve, we can integrate your media outreach work across social platforms to make sure you have the best blend for your programme, product or promotion.

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  • Identify target audiences and key journalists/influencers
  • Craft stories built around key messages that stick with audiences and prompt action
  • Create compelling news releases and other content for broadcast, print, online and social media


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