Experience, connections
and ideas for your brand

Experience, connections
and ideas for your brand

Experience, connections
and ideas for your brand

About Sandy McLean PR

Sandy McLean PR is a forward-thinking international PR and Public Affairs consultancy trusted to build and manage the reputations of tops brands, businesses, charities and NGOs throughout Europe and North America. With hubs in London, Brussels and Washington and a finger on the pulse of a wide-range of sectors including Healthcare, Forensic Medicine, Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Executive Education and International Relations, we’re well-placed to provide an efficient and effective full-service PR offering… Read more

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Content Development

The word is mightier than the sword, so the saying goes, and in today’s digital landscape we need words more than ever to get our message across and really connect with people.

It’s not just words either: we’ll help you develop the imagery and video you need to get noticed.

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Media Relations

What people say about you matters. So when the media talks about you, your business or your products, it adds a credibility and authenticity that’s difficult to achieve by yourself.

You can’t buy media coverage – it has to be earned. Getting your stories covered in the media often comes about as a result of the relationships built up with journalists and editors. It’s about talking their language and making a case for coverage. That’s where we come in.

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Public Affairs

In an increasingly regulated business environment, the need to keep stakeholders abreast of political and policy change has never been keener.

Politicians, governments and influencers of public opinion all make their decisions based on what they know to be true and the information they have to hand. It’s up to you to make sure that they have the information they need to make accurate evaluations about your business, brand or project.

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Words from our clients

Sandy McLean knows what journalists at the world’s most influential media outlets want and how to get their attention. The media placements she has won for my organization have been immensely helpful in raising our profile and bolstering our reputation.

Director, Global Public Relations, Center for Creative Leadership

Sandy McLean’s team trained executives from EDF’s International Division, and also EDF’s President, to interact successfully with journalists and other key audiences in Washington by transcending cultural and institutional stereotypes.

Former Communications Manager, EDF International

I have known and worked with Sandy McLean for more than 10 years. She is a great go-to person for external as well as internal communication advice; at one point even coming into an organisation I ran in a very hands-on way to teach the senior team not only how to create a compelling story but how to effectively sell it. She knows how to get something placed, has an experienced feel for different journalists in various markets and industries and is refreshingly straight talking, unflappable, as well as a diligent, calm editor who gets the job done.

Former FTSE CEO, now UK Competition Appeal Tribunal panel member and Non-Executive Director

In a world where the word “media” has taken on an altogether new meaning, Sandy McLean stands out as a true insider – navigating the highways (and the byways) of emerging media and social networks with consummate professionalism.

Chairman, the FutureWork Forum

I worked with Sandy on developing and executing media relations strategy in the EMEA region at the Center for Creative Leadership for over two years. It was a pleasure to work with her due to her vast experience and expertise in PR; her punctuality and attentiveness to Center’s needs; ability to deliver insightful advice. We had a great working relationship and worked as a team to achieve corporate PR objectives.

Inga Astrauskaite, Marketing & Communications, Deloitte

Sandy is the quintessential PR professional. Aside from her extensive knowledge, contacts and experience, she has that elusive quality that makes everyone around her feel at ease and the work is only better for it, especially when expectations are high and time is short. In my early days at Cambre, Sandy also became my unofficial mentor, regularly dedicating time to share her experience and giving precious advice over an ice-cream (or two). From pitching journalists by SMS, to finding stories behind seemingly complex and otherwise dry topics or even prepping a busy CEO for an interview with an equally busy journalist, she makes it look easy. Her expertise in media relations, both strategic and tactical, is second to none. Highly recommended!

Frederique Luca, Strategic Communications Consultant at FOURTOLD

I have worked with Sandy on many occasions over the years – from writing and media relations, to strategic and issues based projects and research. She always delivers top notch counsel and output with a terrific sense of what the client is looking to achieve. Sandy has the experience and energy to drive entire campaigns or individual projects for clients both established and emerging. She is always a pleasure to work with and I look forward to collaborating on many more projects in the future.

Scott Clark, Group CEO and Co-Founder, SO What Global

Sandy’s expertise in media relations and other aspects of stakeholder communication was extremely helpful during my early days at Cambre when I had to get a handle on some important projects right away. Later as I developed my expertise, Sandy seemed to have plenty of time to answer questions and to provide unofficial mentoring when needed. We’ve stayed in touch since leaving the company and I feel I can always call upon her for some candid and savvy advice.

Gaja Pellegrini-Bettoli, Communications officer at the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) Gaza

Sandy is an exceptional public relations professional. I've worked with her both as a practitioner on projects as well as a partner in pursuing business. Sandy knows the PR world cold and has a very sophisticated understanding of global PR issues. In addition, she is an incredible networker who is always thinking of creative ways to identify new business opportunities. After finding opportunities, she is terrific at presenting the opportunity to the potential client and closing business.

Darren Katz, Partner at amplia group